DAC6Connect© is a web application whose purpose is to identify transactions likely to be reported within the framework of the DAC6 Directive.

It helps taxpayers and intermediaries comply with their DAC6 reporting obligations by allowing them to individually assess whether a cross-border arrangement is reportable and, where applicable, to allocate the reporting obligation onto one designated intermediary.

DAC6Connect© has been designed with the aim of reducing the risk of:

...all in a cost-efficient way.

A selection of companies that have chosen DAC6Connect©

"Couldn’t be happier. The tool is very fast. It’s a world of difference compared to our previous tool, in a very positive sense."
"DAC6Connect is faster, more comprehensive ,and more intuitive to use even by non-tax-experts."
"DAC6Connect is very easy to use."

Key features

Multi-user management

Embedded decision tree feature

Open architecture

Inbuilt chat channel

Jurisdiction-specific assessment questionnaire

Election/designation of reporting intermediary

Reporting generation based on EU country specific exchange file format

Certificate/Proof of filing generation for non-reporting intermediaries

Flexible roles and permissions

Audit logs & History

GDPR Compliant


Connecting intermediaries and taxpayers

Besides its embedded decision tree feature, DAC6Connect© is designed to connect all relevant stakeholders involved in any given transaction.

This collaborative feature is the answer to two important elements emerging from DAC6:

  • Ensure appropriate reporting while limiting risk of overreporting
  • If more than one intermediary is involved, only one filing of the same arrangement is required
Seamless coordination and communication amongst taxpayers and intermediaries are the key to managing DAC6 obligations successfully

Multi-jurisdictional tailoring

DAC6Connect© is rolled out fully packaged with DAC6 assessment questionnaires adapted to the transposition of the Directive in all EU countries, whose developments are continuously closely monitored locally and deployed by experts across our extensive network.

An open architecture

Integrate your business applications with DAC6Connect© API

DAC6Connect© has been specially designed with open architecture, giving the benefits of a solution that easily interacts with third-party software.

Our application has a fully documented API which facilitates the communication between your existing software and your DAC6Connect© environment, such as transactions and user accounts.

How it Works

Collaborative and intuitive, DAC6Connect© has been designed with simple navigation and insight in mind.


The dashboard helps you manage and monitor progress, uploads and deadlines in real-time and at a glance. It includes, amongst others, logs and updates on transactions you are involved in and a mapped summary of reportable arrangements by country.

Transaction management

Efficiently track your transactions and arrangements to be sure to meet the 30-day legal reporting deadline, avoiding unnecessary fines and penalties.

Define & Invite Intermediaries

Add all intermediaries involved in any given transaction.
Every contact of each invited intermediary receives a personalised email inviting them to collaborate on the transaction.

Assessment questionnaire

Each identified intermediary is responsible for completing the questionnaire based on the implementation of DAC6 in the jurisdiction it belongs to.

Inbuilt chat channel

Avoiding multiple channels of communication and loss of information over time are key when dealing with complex transactions. DAC6Connect©'s inbuilt chat channel ensures one channel of communication and with chat history saved, a new party can join a transaction at any later date and gain a full understanding of past discussions and information.